The Kirchler family of hoteliers will welcome you to the Valle Aurina

Family – Our superpower

Waltraud - Mesnhöf

Mama Waltraud has led the way and for once we are proud to be “the imitators”.

Friendliness and consistency describe her unconditional dedication to this business and she has been doing it for almost 60 years.
She came here as a child, back when the inn was owned by Aunt Moidl and Uncle Franz.
In the beginning, she helped everywhere … until at some point it was impossible to imagine the inn without her.

Power woman, master chef, professional listener and best mum…
all that and much more!

Waltraud has always made this place more of a home than a workplace.
It has contributed even more to the fact that 6 children called it “dahuame” dialect for home – Roswitha, Hanspeter, Hartmann, Agatha, Josef and Judith.
And you will find all of in front or behind the scenes when you visit the Mesnhöf in Rio Bianco.


Hartmann, THE ROCK, took over the inn in 2014 for the next generation and what can we say… nothing works without him!

The kitchen = his place! What would the inn be without its good food? Exactly… unimaginable. In his kitchen, completely “hidden”, he makes eyes sparkle with his dishes and awakens childhood memories.

Judith - Mesnhöf

Judith – THE DETAIL LOVER, with full enthusiasm and passion, has gained experience in the hotel industry in the most beautiful corners of the world and is now even happier to put what she has learnt into practice – with her own personal interpretation.

“I always enjoyed going away, because coming home was even more special”. – Judith


Helene – 100% HEART PERSON, cheerful nature and already part of the family for over a decade. Always with a smile on her face, she makes your time at Mesnhöf something very special. Always an open ear and ready for a chat…

That’s us.
And who are you? We look forward to getting to know you!
The Kirchler family